Why SAP?

Why SAP?

While facing complex business decisions for implementing newly integrated software solutions, there is need for precise knowledge and information to take the right decisions. There are some reasons why one should prefer SAP and not any other software solutions based on business specific needs.

Business Growth

SAP offers businesses with a solo platform that can integrate all the SAP software’s easily. It offers one with the required flexibility to suit any IT landscape as it is OS and database independent. Irrespective of the number of legal entities of a business, SAP offers integrated consolidation tools and intercompany processes for supporting the growing and existing business of a system. SAP offers preconfigured business processes acquired from the best practices of the industry. Till date, SAP is the most unique software solution in the market and is expected to be so for years to come. SAP aims at providing flexible business applications and software’s to large, medium and small-sized enterprises.

One Solution does not solve all Problems

SAP has successfully realized that every business has varying user needs within one company. Thus, various ways have been launched by SAP for connecting the backbone applications in order to increase employee productivity. SAP also helps in integrating non-SAP and SAP applications into a solo interface as it offers easy access to each application for every employee. SAP also offers various tools and platform for developing one’s web-based business applications devoid of any programming.

Transforming Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) into Value

SAP offers various business transformation studies for proving a significantly predictable and lower TCO while implementing the SAP software devoid of hidden costs. TCO is associated with a cost of implementation but it does not offer any insight about the business value or benefits that are gained. SAP along with its partners point out to the significant KPI’s and value drivers for a specific sector with the help of tools like value lifecycle manager and enterprise health check. SAP is aware of the factors that drive each industrial sector based on their experience making benchmarks for measuring one’s performance.

SAP Customer Ecosystem and Channel Partner

A unique classification process has been launched to ensure global and local top quality to act as a channel partner that can implement an all-in-one software for any business. All the vertical solutions of a business are dependent on standard SAP software rather than developing partner-specific and local add-on-software mechanisms. Business partners collaborate with SAP for defining new processes and solutions that are SAP certified for international roll-out. They also work together for offering best solutions to the targeted customers.