The most significant step in any project execution, customer services, and maintenance activities is effective planning of resources. It has been proved that in any organization that is resource intensive, optimized and streamlined resource planning is essential for an overall productivity boost. SAP MRS – (Multi Resource Scheduling) is a powerful solution to address complex scheduling requirements required in fulfilling the workforce planning for SAP Modules like Project Systems, Customer Service, Plant Maintenance, cProjects. Since SAP MRS tightly integrates with these modules, it provides a real time visibility over the resource availability accompanied by their skills, commitments, experience, location and other relevant data that would help in determining their appropriateness for a particular engagement.

SAP MRS is capable of controlling varying scenarios based on the user’s desired functionality and system landscapes. The features of the solution range from allowing the planner to manually drag – drop and dispatch the jobs to automate the overall process by making the best and optimal utilization of the existing resources.

SAP MRS can be used to plan the resources based on their availability and qualifications depending on the available SAP HR master data. Clearly structured and innovative information analysis and planning functions deploy SAP MRS comfortably. SAP MRS has been identified as a solution that enables direct acquisition of master data making it quite efficient.

Benefits to Users

SAP MRS is beneficial to the users as it does not require any redundant data, has lower potential for error and no inconsistent data is required because of the lock and permission concept.

Benefits for Businesses

SAP MRS is comprised of standard and well-developed functionalities covering majority of the business requirements. In addition, the MRS standard offers extensive possibilities for enhancing the standard based on the concept of enhancement without making any modifications.

We at Edge Infosys promise to help you to realize the potential of SAP MRS Solution to meet your business requirements.

Consulting Competence

We at Edge Infosys have SAP MRS Consultants who are ever ready to answer your questions. They have gained enough know-how and experience by way of successful projects and now can implement SAP MRS successfully. Our MRS team is quite strong and can successfully deploy standard SAP MRS and further advise you to customize the solution to suit your unusual needs.

We offer the complete support in deploying your resource management solutions based on SAP MRS- (Multi Resource Scheduling). We can assist you right from the beginning of project planning, requirement specifications, implementation, trainings, customer-specific enhancements and also provide our expertise in pre-production, go-live and post go-live activities.

We will help with the best practice methodologies to realize most of the standard features of solution during the implementation and can also advise you on the customizations as per your needs by tailoring and helping you in implementing the bespoke solutions  and make sure your customer/user specific needs are fulfilled.

Some of the common SAP MRS services offered by us are blueprinting, configuration, design, build, testing, cut-over, interface development and production support.

SAP MRS is a powerful yet intuitive resource management tool and its time you experienced it!!

Giving you the Edge!

  • In our experience, most projects entail the customer learning almost as much about themselves, as us learning about the customer!
  • Our SAP MRS teams with their industry know-how and experience are experts in requirement gathering, to ensure that the right solution is built to deliver your strategic goal.
  • Our Instinct, Insight and ability to look beyond the obvious, strong technical understanding help you successfully deploy standard SAP MRS and customize the solution to suit your evolving needs.
  • Some of the common SAP MRS services offered by us are blueprinting, configuration, design, build, testing, cut-over, interface development and production support.