PLM- Lets Connect It – Product and Performance!

It is important to manage projects and portfolios efficiently to fulfill the short-term objectives and long-term goals to stay ahead in the competition. Such a management process requires 5 basic steps like strategic planning resources, cost control and management, schedule planning, better management oversight and information transparency.

SAP PLM application foster the design, engineering,  manufacturing  phases  as well as project management and deliver high-quality products  with reduced waste  through the entire life cycle of a product being developed.

It helps in managing technical document, product, process structures and parts during the document planning phase. SAP PLM is a powerful tool in variant configuration and classification. In case of discrete industries, routing and bill of materials are made use of and in case of process industries, recipes and specifications are used. SAP PLM also provides as-maintained and as-built structures for the maintenance and service phases.

Purpose for using SAP to accelerate this Process:

SAP PLM helps in aligning your portfolios with the corporate objectives along with portfolios of IT, professional services, R&D services, programs and projects. It helps in prioritizing, planning and executing activities as per corporate strategies providing the appropriate resources from the appropriate source at the appropriate time for execution. It helps in planning and tracking activities in a precise manner for improving execution speed. It fosters monitoring and planning of budgets and maximizing financial returns. It also supports project decision making and portfolio management. It minimizes risk, bottlenecks, redundancy by proper planning of resource capacities.

Different PLM Services

Edge Infosys offers multiple PLM services to their worldwide clients. We offer our direct support with respect to SAP for expanding and establishing PLN business via PLM marketing, deployment, testing, development, enhancements and solution definition. The founders of our company are well-known SAP PLM evangelists and pioneers. All our consultants are experienced professionals in SAP technical expertise and business processes. They are also well-informed about the best PLM practices within the industry