Edge Infosys calls for commitment, creativity, professionalism and openness

IT Consulting Meets SAP Expertise

Edge Infosys is a provider of IT consulting and SAP implementation services like SAP MRS, SAP PLM and SAP Mobility.

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PLM- Lets Connect It – Product and Performance!

We are committed to providing comprehensive, practical and innovative PLM solutions. We will help you identify, implement

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Innovative Mobility like never before!

Our Mobile solutions offerings bring together content, technology and device expertise, seeking to improve efficiency and engagement.

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We help you solve the planning puzzles!

We provide your business with a central overview of demand and the availability of resources.

Giving you the bigger picture!

Centralized control over data means that design teams work faster, accelerated transfer of design data to production.

Edge Infosys calls for commitment, creativity

We base our daily business on two specific guidelines. Firstly, we make sure that our mobile applications are process-oriented

SAP MRS is a powerful yet intuitive resource management tool

In our experience, most projects entail the customer learning almost as much about themselves, as us learning about the customer!

Giving you the EDGE!

At EDGE, our experienced PLM technologists are focused on both the business and technical aspects

Real time data for informed decision making and increased agility

Any-to-any connectivity – reliable data access from a wide variety of devices








Satisfied customers
To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.



We at Edge Infosys boast of a team of professionals having the right mix of consulting experience, technical expertise and business acumen required for supporting a business and complements its IT resources. We are a closely-knit team heading towards success leading the industry with unparalleled skills and knowledge.

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SAP offers business with a solo platform that can integrate all the SAP softwares easily.