Mobile Solutions

SAP Mobility Applications

Today, the mobile applications and mobile solutions market is constantly changing and IT departments are facing great challenge from business departments to provide for stricter integration. Simple point solutions are just not enough to fulfill these requirements. This is the reason why mobile platforms are needed which permits businesses to deploy their mobile business processes based on a single integrated system platform.

We at Edge Infosys were very clear about the concept of a central platform right from the beginning. This helped us in developing our Mobile Application Platform that helped many companies grow. It is beneficial for our customers as it offers efficiency and simplicity accompanied by multiple processes.


Our mobility applications will help you in mobilizing your business processes economically without  compromising on safety, scalability and functionality. You can cover multiple application cases just with one platform. The mobility architecture designed by our expert developers supports all types of devices.

Companies using the SAP software need to mobilize their processes and these mobility applications are of great help in such cases. The best part is that these applications are cost-effective not requiring any new mobile infrastructure or hardware.

Some of the benefits of these applications can be felt instantly with its deployment as the required technology is readily available with us. All common devices can be used easily. It makes it easy to start a project at low-risk with complete scalability. The rollout and deployment is not complicated and changes can be made anytime. Users do not have to go through intensive training for implementing the applications.

Why is Edge Infosys the Right Partner for Mobility Applications?

We at Edge Infosys have experienced professionals who excel at realizing the mobility application requirements of a business, corresponding technology and know-how in process control. Thus, with the help of innovative and proven technologies, we promise to resolve all your problems to offer you a safe, flexible and future-compliant solution.